13 October 2018

A Lucky Day

To be successful in photography you need to be in the right place at the right time.  Sometimes this is due to careful planning but nine times out of ten it is a matter of pure luck.  Luck was with me on this day.  I was planning an early morning foray on a misty morning at dawn with the intention of getting some deer rutting pics.  I didn't want to go blundering around in the dark disturbing the wildlife I intended to photograph, so I decided to do a recce in daylight.  It was a very wet blustery afternoon so off I go with camera in hand just in case.  It wasn't long before I spotted deer but a long way away.  I mentally marked a couple of likely spots that were accessible in the dark without having to use lights.  Just getting ready to return to the car feeling quite pleased that a plan was hatched when I spotted deer a long way away but on the move and heading in my direction.  I hunkered down behind the fence which would also act as a support for the camera and waited.  Imagine my excitement when they continued straight towards me oblivious of my presence. I knew the minute they sensed me they would be off so there was only going to be one chance at getting any pics.... here are some of them.....

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